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27.07.2005 17:05
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3 (Three) - The End Is Begun

ABEL Ganz - s/t
Abydos - Abydos
A.C.T. - Silence
Aeolus - Dust on the mirror
After... - Endless Lunatic
AIM - Precious Time
Ajalon - This Good Place
Alias Eye - Field Of Names
Alias Eye - In Focus
Amaran's Plight - Voice In The Light
The Amber Light - Play
Anathema - The Optimist
Anathema - Alternative 4
Anathema - Judgement
Anathema - Distant Satellites
Änglagard - Hybris
Änglagard - Epilog
Änglagard - Viljans Öga
Angtoria - God Has A Plan For Us All
Animals As Leaders - The Joy Of Motion
Animations - Same
Antiquus - Ramayana
Anubis Gate - Andromeda Unchained
Apogee - On The Aftertaste
Archive - Controlling Crowds
Arena - Pepper's Ghost
Arena – Smoke & Mirrors DVD
Arilyn - Alter Ego
Asia - Fantasia - Live In Tokyo
Awake - Illumination

Barclay James Harvest - Caught Live (DVD)
Barclay James Harvest - A Concert For The People (Berlin)
Barclay James Harvest - Eyes Of The Universe
Barclay James Harvest - Face To Face
Barclay James Harvest - Welcome To The Show
BAROCK PROJECT - misterosevoci
Beardfish - Sleeping In Traffic: Part One
Beardfish - Sleeping In Traffic: Part Two
Beardfish - 4626 Comfortzone
Believe - Hope to see another day
Believe - Yesterday Is A Friend
Believe - Hope To See Another Day Live (DVD)
Between The Buried And Me - Coma Ecliptic
Big Big Train - The Difference Machine
Blackfield - II
Blackfield - NYC - Blackfield Live In New York City (DVD)
The Black Noodle Project - Play Again
Blind Ego - Mirror
Blind Ego - Numb
Blueneck - The Fallen Host
Bonebag - Noli Me Tangere
Braver Since Then - Adorned Weakness
Break of Reality - Voiceless
Brighteye Brison - Stories

Caamora - Walk On Water
Caamora - She
Caamora - She (DVD)
Callisto - Providence
Canvis Solaris - Cortical Tectonics
Cast – Mosaique
Central Park - Unexpected (Promo-DVD)
Central Park - Unexpected
Central Park - Live - The Unexpected Concert (DVD)
Chroma Key - Dead Air For Radios
Circus Maximus - Isolate
Clepsydra - More Grains Of Sand
Cloudscape - Cloudscape
Cloudscape – Crimson skies
Coheed & Cambria - Good Apollo, I`m Burning Star IV: Volume One...
Communic - Conspiracy In Mind
Conqueror - 74 Giorni
Cosmos - Skygarden
Cryptic Vision - In A World

D'arcana - Premonitions
Dark Ocean - Cosmica
Dark Ocean - Planet Paranoid
Darkwater - Calling The Earth To Witness
Dead Heroes Club - A Time Of Shadow
DeeExpus - King Of Number 33
Delphian - Unravel
Dial - Synchronized
Dimension X - Implications Of A Genetic Defense
discipline. - to shatter all accord
DOMINICI – O3 A Trilogy – Part 2
Dreamscape – Revoiced
Dreamscape - 5th Season
Dream Theater - Score (2-DVD / 3-CD)

Enchant - Blink of an eye
Enchant - Break
Enchant - The Great Divide
Enochian Theory - Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio
Ephrat - No One's Words
Evergrey - Monday Morning Apocalypse
Everon - North
Exit 31 - Phonogenic
Ex-Vagus - Âmes Vagabondes
Eyefear - A World Full Of Grey

Fall Of Echoes - Red Tree
Ferris Mudd - Same
Fish - Return To Childhood (20th Anniversary Tour Of Misplaced Childhood) (DVD)
Fish - Comunion
Fish - 13th Star
Flamimg Row - Elinoire
The Flower Kings - Paradox Hotel
The Flower Kings - The Road Back Home
The Flower Kings - Banks of Eden
Forgotten Suns - Innergy
Jack Foster III - Tame Until Hungry
Frost - Milliontown
Frost* - Experiments In Mass Appeal
Fuoco - A Travelogue

Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live
Galleon - Engines Of Creation
Galleon - In The Wake Of The Moon
Gargamel - Watch For The Umbles
Gazpacho - Tick Tock
Genesis - Foxtrot
Genesis - And Then There Were Three
Geysir - Urworte
David Gilmour - On An Island
Glas Hammer - Live At Belmont (DVD)
Green Carnation - The Acoustic Verses

Haken – Restoration (E.P.)
Hamadryad - Safe In Conformity
Hamadryad - Live In France 2006
Heart Of Sun - Same
Hidden Timbre - Same
Steve Hillage - L
Hourglass - Oblivious To The Obvious

iamthemorning - Lighthouse
Ice – The Saga
Incura - Incura
In Vain - Mantra
InVertigo - Next Stop Vertigo
Invisigoth - Alcoholocaust
Iona - The Circling Hour
IQ - Stage - Live In America And Germany 2005 (DVD)
IQ - The Road Of Bones
Isildurs Bane - MIND Volume 2: Live
It Bites – Thank you and Goodnight
It Bites – When The Lights Go Down
IXION - Talisman

Daniel J - Losing Time
Jadis - Fanatic
Jadis - Photoplay
Jaugernaut - Contra-Mantra
Jethro Tull - A
Jethro Tull - Catfish Rising
Jethro Tull - Stormwatch
Jethro Tull - The Broadsword And The Beast
Jethro Tull am 12.06.05 in Trier (Live-Bericht)
Jethro Tull am 21.06.05, München- Tollwood-Festival (Live-Bericht)
Jinetes Negros - Omniem
Junk Farm - Ugly Little Thing

K2 - Book of the dead
Kaipa - Inget Nytt Under Solen
Kaipa - Kaipa
Kaipa - Angling Feelings
Kamelot - The Black Halo
Kamelot - Ghost Opera
Karmakanic - Who's The Boss In The Factory?
Kayo Dot - Choirs Of The Eye
Rose Kemp - Unholy Majesty
King's X - XV
Kino - Picture
Knight Area - Under A New Sign
Vitalij Krupij - Glacial Inferno & Revenge (Bonus-Album)

Landmarq – Turbulence DVD
Lana Lane - Gemini
Lanfear - X To The Power Of Ten
La Torre dell'Alchimista - Neo
La Tulipe Noire – Nostimon Hemar
Lee Z - Shadowland
Leger De Main - A Lasting Impression
Nachlese Tony Levin Band (Live-Bericht)
Liquid Horizon - Revolutions
Liquid Scarlet - Liquid Scarlet
Liquid Scarlet - II
Little Atlas - Hollow
Loch Vostok - Dark Logic
Loch Vostok - Destruction Time Again!
Loneley Robot - Please Coming Home
Long Distance Calling - Avoid The Light
Looking 4 A Name - Tetragram
Lunatic Soul - Same

John Macaluso & Union Radio - The Radio Waves Goodbye
MCM - 1900 - Hard Times
Magellan - Innocent God
Magenta - Home
Magenta - Metamorphosis
Magenta – Seven
Magma - Kohntarkosz Anteria
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - The Roaring Silence
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Solar Fire
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Nightingales & Bombers
Manfred Mann`s Earth Band - Watch
Manning - Anser's Tree
Marillion - Marbles
Marillion - Somewhere Else
Marillion - Happiness Is The Road
Martigan - Vision
Martone - When The Aliens Come
Hubi Meisel - Kailash
Mindflow - Mind Over Body
Mind Key - Habemus Poland - Live In Katowice (DVD)
Mind's Eye - Walking on H2O
Mind's Eye - A Gentleman's Hurricane
Minus The Bear - Planet Of Ice
Moonlight Comedy - Dorothy
Moonrise - The Lights Of A Distant Bay
Neal Morse - One
Neal Morse - Sola Scriptura
Neal Morse Band - The Grand Experiment

Nemo - Si Partie I
Neo - Broadcast (DVD)
Neverland - Schizophrenia
No Name - 4
Erik Norlander & Friends - Live In St. Petersburg (DVD + CD)
Eric Norlander - Hommage Synphonique

Oceansize - Effloresce
Oceansize - Frames
Odd Logic - Legends Of Monta Part II
Odin's Court - Deathanity
Mike Oldfield - Amarok
Opeth & Burst am 16.12.05, München "New Backstage" (Live-Bericht)
Opeth - Pale Communion
Oracle Sun – Deep Inside
Martin Orford - The Old Road
Osada Vida - The Body Parts Party
Osada Vida - Three Seats Behind A Triangle
OSI - Free
Overhead - And We're Not Here After All

Paatos - Breathing
Pagan's Mind - Enigmatic: Calling
Pagan's Mind - God's Equation
Pain Of Salvation - BE
Pain Of Salvation - BE Live DVD/CD
Pain Of Salvation - On The Two Death Of (DoCD)
Pain Of Salvation - Road Salt One
Palace Terrace - Flying Through Infinity
Pallas - The Dreams Of Men
Pallas - Moment To Moment (DVD)
Pathosray - Same
Peter Pan - Days
Panalog - New Silence
Parhelia - First Light (EP)
Ian Parry - Visions
Pendragon – Believe
Pendragon - And Now Everybody To The Stage... (DVD)
Pendragon - Past And Presence (DVD)
Pendragon - Not Of This World
Periphery - Clear (EP)
Persephone's Dream - Pyre Of Dreams
Phideaux - Chupacabras
Phideaux - Doomsday Afternoon
Phideaux - Ghost Story-A Lullaby In Nine Movements
Phideaux - The Great Leap
Picture Of The Moon - Ageless Day (EP)
The Pineapple Thief - What We Have Sown
The Pineapple Thief - Tightly Unwound
Pinella, Michael - Enter By The Twelfth Gate
Pink Floyd - The Endless River
Plasmic Ocean - Haptic Trips
Poor Genetic Material - Spring Tidings
Poor Genetic Material - Paradise Out Of Time
Poor Genetic Material - Island Noises
Porcupine Tree - Deadwing
Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere... (DVD)
Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet
Porcupine Tree - Nil Recurring (EP)
Presto Ballet - The Lost Art Of Time Travel
Prime Mover - Prime Mover Alias Drivkraft
Prime Mover - Imperfekt
Prisma - Collusion
ProgPower Europe, Baarlo/NL 30.09. - 02.10.05 (Live-Bericht)
Project: Patchwork - Tales from a hidden dream
Prototype – Continuum
Puppet Show - The Tale Of Woe
Pure Reason Revolution - The Dark Third
Pure Reason Revolution - Amor Vincit Omnia

Quaarn - Aberrations
Queensryche - Live Evolution DVD
Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime II
Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime (Deluxe Edition)
Queensryche - The Warning
Queensryche - Q2K
Queensryche - Queensryche 2013
QUIDAM - surREvival

The Reasoning - Awakening
The Rebel Wheel - Diagramma
RC2 - Future Awaits
Red Circuit - Trance State
Redemption - The Fullness Of Time
Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin
Robert Reed - Sanctuary
Renaissance - Prologue
Retroheads - Introspective
Ricochet - Zarah - A Teartown Story
Ritual - The Hemulic Voluntary Band
Riverside - Out of myself
Riverside - Second life syndrome
Riverside - Voices in my head (EP)
Riverside - Rapid Eye Movement
Steve Rothery - The Ghosts of Pripyat
RPWL - Live - Start The Fire
RPWL - World through my eyes
RPWL - The RPWL Experience
Rush - Snakes And Arrows
Rush - Clockwork Angels

Saga - Trust
Saga - Worlds Apart Revisted
Saga - 10.000 Days
Saga am 08.07.05, Münhldorf "Haberkasten" (Live-Bericht)
Sahara - Sunrise
Sahara - For All The Clowns
Sandstone - Looking for myself
Satellite - Evening Games
Satellite - Into The Night
Scariot - Momentum Shift
Don Schiff - Peering Over Clouds
Seconds Out - Quarter Past Nine
Section A - Parallel Lives
Sensitive To Light - Almost Human
Seven Steps To The Green Door - Fetish!
Seven Tears - In Every Frozen Tear
Shades of Dawn - From dusk till dawn
Shades Of Dawn - Graffitiy's Rainbow
Shadow Circus - Welcome To The Freakroom
Derek Sherinian - Blood Of The Snake
Sinestesia - Same
Singularity - Of All The Mysteries
Slavior - Slavior
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Of Natural History
Sonic Down - Live It Up...
SONIC PULSAR - Playing The Universe
Soniq Circus - Same
Spaced Out - Live At The Crescendo Festival
Sphere Of Souls - From The Ashes
Spock`s Beard - Octane
Spocks Beard - Same
Starcastle - Song Of Times
STREAM OF PASSION - Embrace The Storm
Stride - Imagine
String Cheese Incident - One Step Closer
Daryl Stuermer - Go
Stomu Yamash'ta's East Wind - Freedom is Frightening
Subject Esq. - Same
Sun Caged - Artemisia
Sunpath - Acoustic Aphasia
Sunpath - Night Dream Call
Sylvan - Artificial Paradise
Sylvan - Posthumous Silence
Sylvan - Presets
Sylvan - Sceneries
Syzygy - The Allegory Of Light

T - Voices
Talis - Cities
Talk Talk - Spirit Of Eden
The Tangend - A Place On The Shelf
The Tangent, Ritual & Beardfish - Karlsruhe, Substage - 16.05.08 (Live-Bericht)
Tea For Two - Twisted
TesseracT - Altered State
The Third Ending - Same
This Haven - Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm
Thork - Nula Jedan
Three (3) - The End Is Begun
Threshold - Critical Mass
Threshold - Hypothetical
Threshold - Subsurface
Threshold - Surface to Stage
Threshold - Wounded Land
Threshold - Dead Reckoning
Threshold - The Ravages Of Time - Best Of
Tiles - Fly Paper
Timeless Miracle - Into the Enchanted Chamber
Tomorrow's Eve - The Tower
Tomorrow's Eve - Tales From Serpentia
Tool - 10,000 Days
Touchstone - Discordant Dreams
Devin Townsend - Terria
Traumhaus - Das Geheimnis
Traumpfad - Traumpfad
Transatlantic - Building The Bridge - Live In America (DVD)
Trespass - Morning Lights
Tubes – The Completion Backward Principle
Twinspirits - The Music That Will Heal The World
Twisted Into Form - Then Comes Afliction To Awaken The Dreamer

Ulysses - The Gift Of Tears
UMPHREY´S McGEE - Anchor Drops
Umphrey's McGee - Safety In Numbers
United Progressive Fraternity - Fall In Love With The World
Unitopia - The Garden
Ureas - The Naked Truth
US - The Young And Restless

Vacant Planet - Imaginary Places (EP)
Vanden Plas - Christ 0
Van der Graaf Generator - Real Life
Vanilla Rex - Parallel Worlds
Vanishing Point - The Fourth Season
Vanishing Point - Embrace the silence
Vanishing Point - In Thought
Vanishing Point - Tangled in dream
VAST - Nude
Versus X - The Turbulent Zone
Elias Viljanen - The Leadstar
VISION SCOPE - World's Requiem
The Vow - Devil In Disquise

The Oliver Wakeman Band - Coming To Town - Live In Katowice (DVD)
Wastefall - Self Exile
Waterclime - Imaginative
Alan White – Ramshackled
Witsend - Cosmos And Chaos
Ray Wilson / Stiltskin - She
Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing And Other Stories
Steven Wilson - Hand.Cannot.Erase.
Wolverine - Still

Xang - The Last Of The Lasts

Yes - 90125
YES - Heaven & Earth
The Yleclipse - Opus

Zenobia - Delayed
Zero Hour - Specs Of Pictures Burnt Beyond
Zip Tang - Pank

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